pure land…

Let's build a pure land now!

Let’s build a pure land in this world!

Some of my friends asking ” What is the benefit of receiving Bodhisattva Precepts?”

To receive Bodhisattva precepts, it’s the best gift that I can give to myself in this life. To plant the Bodhi seed  and allow me to follow the right path until the day of enlightenment. Precepts are just like a reminder or guidelines to avoid us to do unwholesome action which bring negative merits.

When I receive Bodhisattva precepts, I vow to relieve others suffering and bring happiness whenever I can, Whenever I go, may I also bring joy, peace and calm to others. You are going benefited as the precepts guided you to be a good person, you are going to be more mindful on your body, speech and mind which not causing suffering or harm to others, to learn to gradually reduce greed, hatred, delusion, jealousy and doubt, you are heading to the path of enlightenment.

It’s also benefited to other beings. When they deal with a person who follow precepts, they are  no need to live in fear, stress,  tension, to pay extra precaution, wearing “mask”, they know well that they are not going to get harm or hurt. Moreover, they can feel the loving kindness, peace and calm. How relaxing!

Imagine if more and more persons follow precepts, we can actually build a pure land in the world.

Why not follow precepts, live by example!

Shine your love and compassion!




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