Bodhisattva in practice…

Little Black showing a good sign of recovery, however he still need to continue his medication for another month. You can see clearly his scar on his little nose.

Little Black showing a good sign of recovery, however he still need to continue his medication for another month. You can see clearly his scar on his little nose. Little Black, our little Bodhisattva at home…

Little Black, our little kitten, he is sick since the day he was adopted by our adult cat Little White.

He had fungal infection since end of Dec and it relapsed again one week before I traveled to Taiwan to receive the Bodhisattva precepts.

It’s a test and a challenge in life to take care of a little kitten who had fungal infection which his nose has 3 wounds, keep bleeding and very difficult to heal. Once I looked at the wound, his e-collar and all suffering he need to go through, I felt the pain and suffering.

We need to spend time to bring him to visit Vet, to feed medicine to him, to feed him food as he can’t eat by wearing e-collar, to clean up his body, to clean up his cat litter, to play with him, to bring him together when we are meditate or chanting….

It look like we are taking care of Little Black, however the truth is Little Black gave us a great chance in life to transcend our self centre to selfless love, ask for nothing in return, he is teaching us on compassion, loving kindness and be happy when others doing well.

Just ask yourself honestly, who do you love the most? Who are you going to save when any emergency? Who do you give the best food? Who do you care the most?

The answer might be you, yourself.

After taking care of Little Black for about 4 months, it deepen my understanding that treat all beings equally, selfless love to all beings, and most important be compassion to all beings irrelevant what form they are in. They want to live happily, they want LOVE, they are afraid of pain, they are fear of death, they love their life as per we love our life.

As such, love all beings! No killing and of course it’ll be great if you can protect their life through your vegetarian diet.

To walk the Bodhisattva path, be kind, be compassion and to give selfless love to all beings. Continue your practice, you’ll be notice your surrounding is full of Bodhisattva.

After Sis & I received our Bodhisattva Precepts, we went for our leisure trip.  We wanted to go for   vegetarian buffet dinner. So, we got in to a taxi and showed him the address. Our taxi uncle, he stopped according to the address, however there was no restaurant, so he got down from his taxi and ask the management office. It supposed to be at the back of the building.

Basically, We can be just walk over. We are so touched that the taxi uncle walked to look for the restaurant to ensure we are safely reach to our destination. He was doing far more than what he need to do.

To us, He is our Bodhisattva.

“A bodhisattva doesn’t have to be perfect. Anyone who is aware of what is happening and who tries to wake up other people is a bodhisattva. We are all bodhisattvas, doing our best.”

By Thich Nhat Hanh











5 responses to “Bodhisattva in practice…

  1. Bless you for taking care of Little Black! I take care of 14 special needs cats, and to do this requires much Compassion and selfless service. I do all out of Love and in return, I have received more Love from them, then from humans.

    I came here to thank you for being a part of Petals Unfolding. It really meant a lot to me! Bless you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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