"silence is a great source of strength." By Lao Tzu

“silence is a great source of strength.” By Lao Tzu

Do you appreciate silence?

Besides talking, through our action we can “create” a lot of noise which we might never aware.

What we are not aware or mindful, might disturb others peace and calm. Our action might cause unhappiness and stress to other’s life.

During the recent monastery stay, it make me to be more mindful on my action, not to create any unwanted noise to disturb the surrounding.

Think about our daily action….

When you are sleeping, people are kept on searching something in plastic bag?  What an annoying sound?

When you are sleeping, people keep on & off the light, how do you feel?

When you are sitting, how do you pull your chairs? Aggressively or gently?

How do you close door? A big Bang?

How do you take your shoes off from shoes rack? Just throw the shoes to the floor?

How do you clean up your utensils? Are you mindful?

Do you put your phone in silence mode when you are in theatre?

A good way to start our practice, be mindful on our action, not to create unnecessary noise to disturb the peace and calm of our surrounding.

A simple act yet we can bring happiness to others!

How meaningful!

Let’s practice silence together to create a peace and calm environment!

Enjoy the silence!




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