A heart of gratitude …

“With a bodhisattva’s mind of compassion, we can accept and cherish all sentient beings, and by purifying our own conduct, we can help to transform society at large. Even in the midst of suffering, each individual sentient being can attain the altruistic bodhi-mind and also help others arouse this awakened mind of wisdom. “
By Master Sheng Yen

Finally, I am blessed that I am home safely and happy to meet you all again.

It was a journey of learning, life discoveries and also diligently in spiritual practice.

It was my first experience to stay in monastery and experience simple, peace and serenity life.

Everything is basic and simple, however the happiness and  joy are from the bottom of heart and also the mind full of gratitude and repentance.

During the receiving of Bodhisattva precepts, about 4 days 3 night, we are requested to be at silence, no mobile phone, no online, no reading, everything follow the monastery rules .  It was a blissful moment as our mind is in NOW. The thought only focus on NOW. There is no burden, no worries, no fear, no stress, no tension….

I felt my mind became light and lighter, and my whole body is more and more relaxing..

It’s peace, serenity, bliss, joy, happiness… What is more important than this in life!

It deepen my understanding that everything is not possible happen without the help and support from others.

My respect and gratitude to all Fa Shi ( Master)  for their selfless contribution in teaching and also all volunteers for contributing their precious time to offer their help in preparing meal,  washing dishes, clean bathroom, traffic direction, medical support and many others,  all the generous donors for contributing their monetary support to make all this possible……

Not forgetting also all our ancestors…..

From their selfless contribution, asking nothing in return…

What I see, they are Bodhisattva in earth….

bodhisattva is someone who has compassion within himself or herself and who is able to make another person smile or help someone suffer less. Every one of us is capable of this.

By Thich Nhat Hanh

Let’s be a Bodhisattva to build a pure land  in our lovely planet! Bring happiness, joy and peace wherever you be!

Lastly, Please join us to give our best blessings and prayer to all passengers in MH370, the missing plane fly from Malaysia to Beijing!


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