loving kindness…

Yesterday, We brought Little White to visit Veterinarian, he was down with flu, fever again. He was sick before Chinese New Year, now he is sick again. we believe its due to the extreme weather condition, it’s so cold before CNY and now, its extremely hot.

I met up with an aunty about 60 years old, she shared with us that her cat, formerly stray cat is doing dialysis. It shocked me, first time I know that cat also need to do dialysis. She looked so weak and helpless…..

How fragile she is! How much pain she is going through…...

How fragile she is! How much pain she is going through……

So blessed that she has some one who love her no matter how sick she is….

So blessed that she has some one who love her no matter how sick she is….

However, The little cat is blessed to have a kind-hearted aunty to adopt her, gave her unconditional love… She shared with me that “She will never give up on her, even though she need to pay for high medical bill, she is here to save and help, not to kill.” I am truly touching for her kind virtues.

She even shared that her neighbour sold out her house in high value but not bringing along their cats, just abandon them. So, she just adopted the cats.

How irresponsible! How cruel we treat our animal friends? Why are we betray our animal friends?

In the Vet, we also met a few ladies who came to adopt one of the stray kitten. I can see how loving they are…

“Only by first lighting up our heart, can we inspire others to do the same.”

By Master Cheng Yen.

Let’s share the loving kindness story to touch and warm people heart!

Shine our loving kindness to all beings and cultivate a loving kindness world!





19 responses to “loving kindness…

  1. So sad when people don’t take responsibility for their animals. It is our responsibility as humans to care for the rest of creation. I just wish more people would realize what that really means.

  2. I love this woman. She and I both share the same feels regarding animals. I hardly have enough money for my 2 rabbits, but I’d do anything, even max out my credit card, to help them get better, God forbid. I hope she gets better <3333 Poor thing. xo

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