Let's follow precepts, bring benefits to yourself and also surrounding!

Let’s follow precepts, bring benefit to yourself and also surrounding!

How’s the traffic condition when the traffic light broke down?

Any challenges are you facing?

Is it smooth? Is it jam?

How do you feel?

Stress? Tension? Frustration? Angry? Anxious?

In a normal day, you might not notice how wonderful and important of the traffic light.

You might also mumble that

“Why I need to stop my car for so long, can it change to green light soon?”

“Why should I wait?”

However, when it broke down, then only we realize how inconvenience and dangerous we are facing.

Sometimes, whenever we talk and encourage people to follow precepts, there are plenty of excuses:

“ Too strict”

“Why should I follow? I’ve a great life now.”

“Too much trouble”

“Wow! Follow precepts like a string to tie us up…..”

“ My life is fantastic, why I want to trouble myself?”

“What if I breach the precepts?”

“What is the consequences?”

When we go through a great life, we might totally ignore to follow the precepts, we might also give ton of excuses for NOT to follow precepts.

However, once we are facing challenges in life, then only we realize the important of precepts.

To follow precepts are not meant to bring inconvenience to our life but to safeguard us from wrong doing and also act as a great reminder to be mindful on our body, speech and action.

Besides, its guide us to be a person always equip with kind and good thought, always consider others before we talk, we act….

Follow Precepts, just like follow the traffic rules and regulations, it’s ensure the smooth journey in life.

Nothing to worry or to fear, take, follow and learning precepts, always do thing that self benefit and benefit others.

Even, sometimes we might accidentally breach the precepts, but we are aware and we can immediate repent instead of we are “Blur” or “lost”  for life.

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