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I am a good cat, practice kid viryues"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." By Dalai Lama

I am a good cat, practice kind virtues”Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”
By Dalai Lama

When you are enjoying good food, are you willing to share with others?

When you are in a queue during the buffet line, how do you react when you see your favorite food?

Are you taking big portion without consider the people behind you?

When there is only the last piece of your favorite cake, the people behind you also keen to have it, are you willing to give away?

Are you willing to wait for your favorite food and give your turn to other people behind you?

We might be diligence in our spiritual practice, however some of us when we look at our favorite food, we might be totally attracted by the good food.

Be mindful on all this little thing, you can observe whether you are still clung on to your greed, are you willing to share?

Little white, our lovely cat showing a great example on how he is willing to share and give priority to Little Black (the little kitten) on his favorite food.

We gave separate bowl of food to them, however Little black love to eat food from Little White’s bowl.

So, our adult cat will give his bowl of food to Little black and he is eating from Little black’s bowl.

However, when Little Black finished his share, he will continue eating from his bowl of food.

So, Little White will definitely give way to his lovely brother.

When I looked at this scene, what a great and beautiful lesson to learn!

Its act as a reminder, am I too greedy with food? Am I sharing my food? Am I thinking about others?

Mum keep on praising the kind virtue of Little White which a lot of human also can’t practice the same. Our greatest gratitude to the little bodhisattva at home.

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”

by Mahatma Gandhi


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