good things or bad things…

Thanks to my little e-colar, if not I might not survive!

Thanks to my little e-colar, if not I might not survive!

We might face a lot of good things and bad things happen in life.

How do you feel when you are facing good things?

Happy, joy, positive, energize, relax.….

How do you feel when you are facing bad things?

Sad, sorrow, despair, tension, stress….

Why do you have so much different emotion and feeling?

One incident happen before Chinese New Year, Little Black (little Kitten) was sick due to fungal infection, so he need to wear the e-colar, to stop infection from spreading to others part of body.

Some of us might think this is a bad incident, how miserable was the little kitten!

Little black was at home with my father, he love to spend time in our garden. So, my father allow him to enjoy his evening in the garden.

As  he was wearing the e-collar, he can’t jump up to the pillar. However, he stared at a particular place for quite sometimes, he struggle hard to jump up to the pillar. My father was so curious for his action. He went and check out on what was happening.

To his surprise he saw a black snake, immediately my father carried Little Black home and also shouted to my neighbor that “there was a snake in his garden.”

From this incident, we can learn that “Bad things happen might not be bad.” Imagine if Little black was not wearing the e-colar, he might jump up to the pillar and fight with the black snake, and being killed.

Everything happens for a reason, just be patient, stay positive and calm whether you are facing good or bad things.

Remember everything will pass!

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

by william Shakespeare








13 responses to “good things or bad things…

  1. I used to cringe when “bad” things happened. I’m learning that change is inevitable and it is in those moments when we can practice what Buddha has taught. I know look forward to these times and hope to approach them with strength and calm.

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