How do you clean dirt, mold, fungal in your garden?

Of course you can use hand wash but this will take longer time to clean it.

Recently, we bought a high pressure washer to clean it, it was so fast and time efficient.

Look at the result, cleaning & not cleaning….

Look at the result, cleaning & not cleaning? Purifying or not Purifying? It’s all depend on you…

Imagine, if you never clean it, the dirt will become harder and more dirty….

Think about it, it related to our life, we believe majority of us made error or mistakes in our life, we might cause harm or suffering to others life due to our action, speech and mind.

How wonderful if we can do repentance to purify ourselves, to reflect, aware and make a vow that we are not going to do the same incident in future. We might also make a vow, to  bring joy, happiness, laughter, smiles, peace to benefit other’s life!

How important to do repentance, to purify ourselves to be a better person!

And for the tool we are using, it’s so similar to the time allocation to spiritual practice, if you don’t practice, do you think you can be more peace and calm?

The more mindfulness you are in your daily life, you are going to be more aware on your action, speech and mind which you are going to bring peace, happy and joy to others and YOURSELF.

As the beginning of Chinese New Year, may you purify your mind constantly to benefit YOURSELF and others!

If a man who has committed many sins, does not repent and purify his heart of evil, retribution will come upon his person as sure as the streams runs into the ocean which becomes ever deeper and wider. If a man who has committed sins, come to the knowledge of it, reforms himself, and practises goodness, the force of retribution will gradually exhaust itself as a disease gradually loses its baneful influence when the patient perspires.

By Buddha








5 responses to “repent…

  1. So much truth here. Well said!!! I pray and hope the whole world can come away from blindness and see the truth in this.

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