kind words…

Both lovely brothers very much appreciated kind words...

Both lovely brothers very much appreciated kind words…..Let’s be kind to all beings and cultivate a world with kind words!

Little Black, our lovely kitten still in the process of recovery.

He can’t play with Little White until fully recovered.

It’s a big challenges for our family to do segregation for both lovely cat.

We can constantly hear from my parent said, ” good boy… good boy…Little White, good boy! Little Black, good boy!”

Both of the cat brothers, behave well when they hear kind words.

Besides, whenever mum feed medicine to Little black, she’ll also keep giving compliment and motivation, ” Clever boy, you are going to recover fast! Then, you can play with your brother.”

Whenever there are opportunities, mum will use a wet cloth to clean up Little White.

He doesn’t like this at all, as such, mum will praise him, ” Little White, you are so handsome!”, “Little White is such a clean cat.”, “Everybody love you.”

Even our lovely cat also love to hear kind words.

How about us?

Why not saying kind words to others? Harsh words are like an invisible sword, it’ll hurt people deeply without a seen wound.

Whatever you say, if not going to bring any benefit to others, please be SILENCE!

Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.

By Buddha

“If everyday, everyone spoke another kind word, did another good deed, then all these little beneficial acts would turn into a great, great good.”

By Master Sheng Yen

Let’s start to give kind words to all beings! It’s so simple, not costing a single cent to you!

Let’s do it!



10 responses to “kind words…

  1. Wise words – Jesus tells us the same thing….now to get everyone to listen then we may just have a peace filled world. Thank you for sharing for this quote.

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