happy life…

When is the happy moment in your life?

How do you make yourself happy?

Do you need to own something, then only you are happy?

e.g. a house, a bungalow, a marriage, jewelry, luxuries watches and handbag, sport car, designer clothes, good food, A bright FUTURE …..

Do you experience headache or migraine?

It’ll cause discomfort to your body and mind.

Your mind is not so sensitive and alert when you are in headache.

You wish so much to get rid of the pain.

How do you feel when your headache is gone?

You are so relieved!

How about all other day, when you are headache free?

You might totally forgot that you are so blessed, you should be happy and content for your good health.

Simple food, yet we enjoy the precious moment with family...

Simple food, yet we enjoy the precious and happy moment with family…

Chinese New Year is around the corner. We  bought a nian gao (Chinese New Year cake, made from glutinous rice) and mum just steamed it.

We had the steamed nian gao with grated coconut, simple food yet we felt the warm, contentment and happiness as our family is together and enjoy the best moment in life.

You don’t need to find a special reason to be happy…

Always be in contentment, grateful, treasure the moment as it’ll never take two in life, all moment is precious!

“A simple life leads to happiness.”  
Jing-Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen 

9 responses to “happy life…

  1. Early wishes for a very happy Chinese New Year 🙂 Nian gao looks delicious, simple and pleasing at once. Often we forget that the simplest things offer the most happiness, it is good to be reminded that every day is a gift to be honoured and treasured.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you! I agree, it is good to be reminded to treasure life. “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children…to leave the world a better place…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

  3. Reblogged this on WebsterWeb's World and commented:
    thank you, Kait.

    Holding time as a friend and ….. waiting.– for those of us w depression.

    and providing Vitamin H- Hope– for those of us loving people w depression.

    thank you

  4. Thank you for liking “The Arctic.” I appreciate your thoughts on happiness and gratitude. Based on my personal experience, I think being grateful for what I have has made me a happier person. I hope you have a happy Chinese New Year. 🙂

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