Tooth pain…

Be mindfulness, we can learn from anybody, anywhere, anytime…

Be mindfulness, we can learn from anybody, anywhere, anytime… Photo courtesy from sis Li Yi

Have you ever experience tooth pain?

There are a lot of lesson we can learn from tooth pain…

Can you predict when is your tooth pain?

Normally, it’ll happen quite a sudden without any prior notice, you’ll never know when is the time.

It shown us clearly on the impermanence of life.

What you can do is to take care of your tooth, brush and clean it properly.

When it happen, just accept and go to seek help from dentist.

Some of us, might keep delaying to visit dentist for remedy as so fearful, what’ll happen?

It’ll worsen the situation.

Why not?

“Face it, accept it, deal with it, then let it go.” by Master Sheng Yen

I had a personal experience that I suffered from tooth pain, I thought the pain was from one of the particular of tooth.

I am confirmed and I shared with dentist, however, I made a mistake, it was from another tooth.

Even though, our own senses, we can’t trust it too.

Beware of our senses, it might lead us to wrong judgement.

We must always understand our tooth condition before we bite on almond, sugar cane and other hard stuffs.

If not, we might also cause the crack on our tooth.

This can relate to our daily life, we must always understand what is our capability and our want.

If our want is higher than our capability, we’ll be suffered, we’ll be constantly unhappy.

Always remember to know what you want and your capability.

Just be mindful and be at Now, you can learn a lot from your daily life.

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