Think about others before you take any action.

Think about others before you take any action. Bring happiness to your surrounding… Photo courtesy from sis Li Yi

Do you make reservation (RSVP) when you receive an invitation from other?

Say, wedding dinner, birthday party, celebration party, official function….

Some of us, might take RSVP for granted,

Some might say Yes, but not turn-up,

Some might say No, but turn-up,

Some might even bring friends or family members without doing RSVP,

Have you ever think why we need to do RSVP?

As a host, we need to get enough food & beverage for the invited guests.

Imagine, if the turnout more than RSVP,  do you think there is sufficient food for all invited guests?

Or Do you think there is sufficient seating arrangement?

Of course, No.

This might cause inconvenience or bring unhappy feeling to all the guests , some might even give comment as “How stingy is the host?”, “How poor planning is the host?”, this’ll attract all negative energy.

And it’ll bring stress and tension to kitchen crew to get ready food in such a short notice.

Imagine, if the turnout less than RSVP, what’ll happen?

This will cause food wastage, how precious is food as too many people are living in hunger.

We should not waste even a grain.

It’s a simple gesture from you, which you can bring happiness to many people.

If you are not practicing, why not just do it?

Think about others, before you take action.

Always remember to bring happiness to others.

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.

By Dalai Lama XIV


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