be like cloud…

Be like cloud, enjoy the lightness, freedom… Be in total relaxation wherever you are.

Be like cloud, enjoy the lightness, freedom… Be in total relaxation wherever you are. Photo courtesy from sis Li Yi

Recently, We carried little Black (little kitten) very often as he was sick.

Whenever I carry him, I can feel that he is in total relaxation, not using any force or strength in his body. He has a great trust on us, he pass his whole body weight to us.

It reminded me to contemplate on how relax we are in daily life?

Are you stressed or RELAX?

Do you know how to relax your body?

Sometimes, we might think we are relaxing, the truth is we might not.

Just do a simple exercise, just pull your shoulder up until your limit, hold your fist, hold your breath, tighten your body, tighten… tighten… tighten, then release.

How do you feel?

Can you feel the body relaxation?

Through this simple exercise, you can understand better about stress and relax

When you are relax, your breath is long and calm. Your body and mind in peace and harmony.

One of the easy way to know whether you are relax enough, always observe your shoulder, whether it’s tense or relax.

When you are in total relaxation, you’ll not apply any strength or force to your body.

Your body movement will be very natural and your mind is so clear, it’ll be just like the movement of cloud, no weight and no burden.

If you can’t do it, just look at the children, they are always in relaxation. They are so natural!

Why can’t we do it? We are being tie up with too much trouble, too much thinking, too much desires, too much burden…..

Let go everything! Be relax! Be like cloud…

Enjoy the peaceful joy!

“Relax and experience body and mind, then you will be in harmony with yourself!”

By Master Sheng Yen









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