Stay healthy…

May Little Black recovered soon….

May Little Black recovered soon….We love you!

Do you ever take care of sick animals?

Recently, Little Black , the little kitten suffered from fungal infection, there is open wound in his nose, very hard to heal and always bleeding. Moreover, he is wearing e-colar, very challenging for him, to play, to eat, to drink, to go to toilet, to clean himself…he can’t go on his normal routine.

When we look at the open wound, we felt the pain, discomfort and suffering in him.

My family members, we spent a lot of time to take care of him, think of a best way to reduce his suffering. 

This incident deepen my understanding on “Health is Wealth”, how importance to keep our body healthy. To take the right food, right exercise, spiritual practice.

Treasure it when you are healthy. This is the best gift!

If we are sick, we are suffering, and we bring suffering to people surrounding too.

One best way to be filial piety to your parent is to stay HEALTHY!

Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering – an image of death.

By Buddha



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