impermanent of life…

Some of us, we might always think that our body is so strong, we can’t get sick so easily.

Is it true?

Some might even think we can live for so so long…

We might never think of our body can be so well today and get sick tomorrow.

Even some of us, try their best to avoid the topic of death.

In reality, life is impermanence, death and sick is unavoidable as a  being in universe.

Little Black, our lovely kitten, he is so active, lovely and healthy.

However, he had a bleeding nose recently, we thought it was caused by a cut, later we discovered swelling over the bridge of the nose.

The wound never be healed, initially we thought he might hurt himself while playing with Little White.

His condition never get better, still bleeding. Mum & sis brought him to visit a Veterinarian to diagnose.

He suffered from Cutaneous cryptococcosis, fungal infection in cat.

He need to take anti-fungal medicine (itraconazole) for a month and to wear the e-colar.

Little black reminded us to treasure  every moment in life. Life can't take two. Live at now!

Little black reminded us to treasure every moment in life. Life can’t take two. Live at now!

When I looked at our lovely Little black, before I left for work, he was so actively playing with his brother, Little White.

When I am home, he was not well at all and he try his best to adapt to the e-colar, so much changes even though in a day.

All conditioned things are impermanent. Work out your own salvation with diligence

By Buddha

Thank you, Little Black for giving us a great lesson in life.

May Little Black be recovered soon!


14 responses to “impermanent of life…

  1. Our littlest friends seem to move so effortlessly through life, so in the moment. We can learn much from them – so we watch them, love them, heal them, grieve for them. And in that process maybe figure out how to move a little more easily ourselves.

    Get well Little Black, and thank you!

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