Like water can wash away all dirt, keep up our purification process…

Like water can wash away all dirt, keep up our purification process…

Recently,  I read a very good sentence, “If you know less, less vexation you have,  if you know more people, more gossip you listen.”

It’s so profound!

Let’s contemplate about it, we spend a lot of times to get to know things that we don’t need to know.

The more we know, we might create the more vexation and more disturbances to ourselves.

Our mind is like a “ movie director”, we love to create, edit the “life drama” for ourselves.

Thought after thought, do you think we can enjoy peace & calm?

Why are we keen to look for trouble & vexation?

Why are we love to cling on trouble?

Less vexation, more happiness!

The same concept go to the more people you know, you might have a chance to know more gossip.

Imagine, if you are keeping spend your precious time to listen or to talk about gossip on others, do you think your mind can be at peace and calm?

Instead of spend your precious time on the unwholesome activities, why not take time to do your spiritual practice which can lead you to the path of awakening?

What is more important than the peacefulness in mind?

The more peace and calm you are, the more easy for you to walk the path…

Continue your purification process until you attain enlightenment!

Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.

By Buddha

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