Enjoy the process…

Do you love to do planning in life?

How detail is your planning?

What is your reaction if you can’t achieve the result as per your planning?

Is this going to effect your emotional?

Are you disappointed?

Are you angry?

Are you sad?

Are you stress?

Can you take any result as open minded and happily?

We can do our best in planning, however in life, we might meet up with a lot of unexpected situation.

We should be always be in peace, calm and serenity. Enjoy the process, do your best and accept whatever outcome.

Some of you might visit the rain forest and you might have a chance or  you might not to see the blossom of Rafflesia, world largest flower.

Before the trip, you might also spend a lot time to plan for your journey, however there is no guarantee for you to see the blossom of Rafflesia.

Imagine, if you are only keep thinking “Why am I not see the blossom of Rafflesia flower?” along your travel journey… Do you think you can enjoy the journey?

The blossom of Raflessia flower!

The blossom of Rafflesia flower! Photo courtesy from sis Coco

Be happy whether you can see or not, enjoy the life process …







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