The ride…

The ride of life… Where are you heading?

The ride of life… Where are you heading?

Do you ever take a train or bus ride?

Along the journey, do you ever notice that some people might come up or go down during some of the station before you reach the final destination?

Even for you, yourself, you need to get down  either in between the station or once you hear the announcement, “Thank you for taking the ride. This is the Last Station. All passengers, please get down. Have a pleasant day!”

What is the indication in life?

A bus/ train ride, it’ll be just like our life journey, along the journey, some will get down the ride, indicate the death of our loved one, some will get up to the ride, it’s indicate your children….It shown clearly on the separation, death, birth, the process we need to go through in life.

As such, treasure now, treat every moment like ” See you for the last time!”

And you, yourself, you might also need to leave this beautiful earth before the destination. It shown clearly on the impermanence of life. Just get ready, know your priority, don’t be procrastination, you’ll not know whether are you still alive even for next second.

Besides, along the bus/ train ride, you might also observe that some people might listen song through headphone, some might chit-chat, some might sleep, some might play their smart phones, some might watch drama, some might on-line, some might play games, some might eat, perhaps only a few will spend time on reading the spiritual book.….

It shown clearly, how we spent our time in life…

We always think that we are extremely happy when we can satisfied our senses. As such, we’ve spent our precious time to continue to pursuit for the external thing and keep looking outward.

We are totally neglect on spiritual practice which we need to be always look inward to enjoy the unconditional happiness and peace.

Ask yourself have you start your spiritual practice?

Contemplate about it!


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