Small act of kindness…

Small acts of Kindness can make a BIG difference in other life!

Small acts of Kindness can make a BIG difference in other life! You can do it!

Do you love to help others?

Do you love to do good deeds?

Some of the people will give answer like

“ I love to do it but no TIME.”

“ I am so busy…..”

“ I am not so rich, I can’t give donation..”

A simple act of kindness from us can give a SMILE to those in need.

Do you aware that a little aluminium ring tab can bring happiness to others?

The little aluminium tab from soda cans able to help an amputee person to have prosthetic legs or arms.

It’s so simple, you just need to collect it.

The fact:

500g  of ring tabs is needed to make 1 prosthetic leg.

This means that 1kg of ring tabs can make 2 prosthetic legs.

If our excuse is “no TIME”, why not start with collection of the small little ring tab?

It can definitely to ease suffering and bring happiness to amputee person.

Small act can be huge.

Let’s start to do good deeds even in the smallest way.

It will bring you heading to the path of generosity!

8 responses to “Small act of kindness…

  1. Hello Lijiun, I don’t normally do this award thing but wanted to nominate you for ‘The Sunshine Award’…. because your blog posts always remind me of the things that are important. If you want to accept it then just go to my blog and follow the questions…. if not, just take this as a nod of appreciation 😉

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