The middle way…

Look at the dragon-fry, it reminded us on the middle way, the moderation path...

Look at the dragon-fry, it reminded us on the middle way, the moderation path…

How do you live your life?

Are you overly pamper your sensual pleasure?

Are you fully occupied your time to satisfy your senses, your eyes, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind?

Are you treat yourself extremely hard?

Are you going through your life  by self torturing, in pain and suffering?

The Buddha once had a disciple by the name of Sona who practised meditation so intensely that he could not progress in his meditation. He began to think of abandoning his life as a monk.

The Buddha, who understood his problem, said to him, “Sona, before you became a monk you were a musician”. Sona said that was true.

So the Buddha said, “As a musician which string of the lute produces a pleasant and harmonious sound. The over-tight string?”

“No,” said Sona, “The over-tight string produces an unpleasant sound and is moreover likely to break at any moment.”

“The string that is too loose?” Again, “No, the string that is too loose does not produce a tuneful sound. The string that produces a tuneful sound is the string that is not too tight and not too loose.” So here the life of luxury is too loose, without discipline.

The life of mortification is too tight, too tense, too likely to cause the breakdown of the mind and body just as the over-tight string is likely to break at any moment.

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Let’s follow the middle path, the path which can avoid the 2 extremes.




7 responses to “The middle way…

  1. Aristotle observed that every aspect of nature has two extremes, each with its unpleasant aspect, he like Buddha said the middle way between two extremes was the best, his “Golden Mean.”

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