How beautiful is the tree!

How beautiful is the tree! Contemplate one day, we might be the fertilizer to the tree… Let go our attachment, free ourselves! Follow the right path when you still have time…

Have you ever meet a person

who are so attached with their belonging?

who are so attached with their beauty?

who are so attached with Material wealth?

who are so attached with fame and power?

who are thinking that everything is permanent?

who are thinking their the best?

who are assume themselves to know everything?

who must WIN in any occasion?

No matter, what type of advice you are trying to give, to share with them that Life is impermanence, the more you let go your attachment, the happier you are, the less burden you are carrying…..

They are not listening…

They’ve all the excuses on their action, they never think there is anything wrong about themselves.

Most of time, some of them who are lucky, only come to realization once they experience “suffering” which happen to themselves or family members.

Why can’t we realize when we are healthy, young, in good condition?

Why must we wait until something  happen in life?

Contemplate about it…

How long can you live?

Where are “you” after 80 years from now?

You might be the “fertilizer” which help the tree grow bigger!

Anything that you can’t let go in life?

Attachment is the source of all suffering.

By Buddha








2 responses to “attachment…

    • Sometimes, we want to win in order to satisfy our ego..
      Moreover, a winner unable to let go when they lost… They, themselves create the “suffering” in their life. Be silence, you’ll the best answer..cheers!

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