Strong little flower…

This morning, when I took a walk in my lovely garden, My heart was blossom when I look at this flower..

Its so alive and "Perfect"….

It’s “Perfect”….

How do you feel when you look at the below little flower?

I am so touched….

How do you feel when you  look at this flower?

How do you feel when you look at this flower?

It’s imperfect, however it blossom beautifully.

I respected for its strong spirit and determination.

What we can learn from this strong little flower?

1. Don’t ever underestimate or discriminate imperfect life, like mentally disabled, or fiscally disabled person.

Treat life equally, do our best to help them, their life can blossom beautifully too.

2. No matter how many times we fall down, no matter how much challenges we are facing in life..

We must always have strong faith and determination to stand up and overcome all challenges.

Your positive attitude will overcome all challenges in life.

3. Are you the type of person who need external praise, attention and compliment to motivate you to move further?

Look at the blossom little flower, this make us to further understand, life go on even without any external praise or attention.

Always look within, instead of outside.

You are the precious jewel!

4. Just be yourself, no matter how people talking about you whether good or bad.

Your mind will alway remain peace and calm, unshakeable stillness.

Look at the little flower, it’s still blossom beautifully irrelevant what is your perception it.

Don’t at other’s perception!

5. When you are in peace, calm, happy and joy, whatever you see is beautiful.

Wherever you go, whoever you meet,  you can alway learn from it.

Be like a sponge, you can absorb as much as knowledge you can.

This can benefit you and also people surrounding.

Be mindfulness! Teacher is everywhere when you are ready!










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