A pile of dung…

Do you love a pile of dung?

Do you love a pile of dung?

How do you feel when you are looking at a pile of dung?





Do you love it?

Do you want to touch it?

I am sure that most of you will answer:” Oh no…..”

However, do you notice that a worm is so attached to the pile of dung?

Recently, I read a very good book from Ajahn Brahm, “The Art of Disappearing”, he mentioned that “a worm is so attached to the pile of dung in which he lives that he’s not willing to give it up, even he’s promised a place in heaven. His job as a teacher is pulling people out of their own piles of dung. Often, people simply love to stay in dung.  You pull people out a bit, and then they decide to crawl back. “

Be silence and contemplate about it…

Ask yourself:

Are you so attached with what you have?

Are you willing to let go easily?

Are you greedy?

Are you making decision based on self-interest or self benefit?

Are you always in anger?

Are you ignorant? Are you seeking the TRUTH or blind believe?

How about your ego? “I”, “My”, “Mine”? 

Are you willing to let go “I”? 

Are you always doubtful in others?

Why are we keep living in a piles of dung? Why are we always thinking we’ve times?

Why do you need to regret at your death-bed?

Why NOT take action now to come out from a piles of dung while you are young, healthy, energetic?











6 responses to “A pile of dung…

  1. No regrets, no expectations, I am no longer young in age but I remain young at heart and I have been taught that to remain that way I must do my best every day to do the will of my loving High Power, to be the person God wants me to be, a person who will do whatever it takes to make this world a better place for all. I am sad because I am sure that the many who are content to live in their dung heaps are not the ones motivated to read blogs like yours, blogs that could help them enjoy a happy and joyous life.

  2. I must say that when I look at a pile of dung I am seeing the beginning of a new life cycle. In which the dung becomes nutrients for the plants so the animals can eat them and then they can make dung. So that life can support it’s self. I think that it is wonderful that it was created that way. So that we can enjoy it. This life does many a wondrous thing for us and all we have to do is stop and observe. Great post Totally got it!

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