calm state of mind…

May your mind always at peace and calm!

May your mind always at peace and calm just like the peaceful lake, we can see clearly the beautiful shadow!

A lot of time, some of us might think that why should I spend a lot of time in spiritual practice?

I’ve plenty of time, let’s hold for a while, some might even assume that spiritual practice is meant for elderly people.

Is it true?

In life, there is a lot of testing ahead , you’ll not know how you should behave when you are facing challenges in life..

Today, I received a phone call, he claimed that he was calling from collection department in a bank, he claimed that I’ve 3 months late payment for credit card, which amount USD $ 4,000.00.

Initially, I was shocked that I never apply such a credit card, moreover I never spend that amount of money to buy gold jewelry…

He kept saying that my name will be blacklisted as I never make any payment and he kept pushing me to take down the telephone number and call the central bank to lodge a report.

I took a deep breath and I believed it was a scam, I told the guy, “May I have your name? Which department you are in? I don’t have any pen to write down the number. I’ll make a police report. Can I call you back later?”

He said “Never mind, let me help you, I will pass your case to central bank, the officer will call you within 15 mins, please do not switch off your phone as your name will be blacklisted.”

Immediately, I checked with my contact who is very familiar with the bank regulations.

I am sure this is a scam, however I must take precautions and countermeasures.

Within 15 mins, My phone rang and the person claimed that he was from central bank. “I said I am busy and please call me later.”

I hang up.

Basically, I was in hurry and I am late for my lunch appointment.

I just totally “Let go” this incident and had a good lunch with my friends.

I am quite amazed that I can “LIve at now”, not being bothered by this incident.

Of course, I did clarification with the respective bank after lunch, there was no such credit card, no such credit card debt, no such person….

Imagine if you are in stress and tension, your mind can’t think well, you might be “overreact”, “Cheated” by the scam. You might follow the instruction to bank in the money to respective account in order to avoid the “Blacklisted list”.

How important to maintain peace and calm mind!

How can we alway remain peace and calm mind?

Its all from our diligently spiritual practice.

Take it serious and start your practice now.

If an individual has a calm state of mind, that person’s attitudes and views will be calm and tranquil even in the presence of great agitation.

By Tenzin Gyatso

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