Mother love for all…

During my conversation with the local guide, she mentioned to me that ” When the hunter see the rare or wild animals or endangered animals, in their eyes, usually they don’t see a life but “MONEY” to them.”

How sad when I hear this statement.

Ask ourself, “Are we also the contributor to the extinction of wild animals?”

Do you support the products from wild life, e.g. product from elephant trunk, tiger skin, tiger tooth,  tiger bones, bear gall, deer antler, rhino horn, bear bile and others?

Do you consume their meat or any parts of their organ?

Do you love to participate in animals hunter games?

Do you do your best to preserve the forest?

If you own a wildlife product, How happy are you? e.g a wild life decorative items at home, consider as art, dead body, killing or ?

How long your happiness can last?

Always remember if there is a DEMAND, there is SUPPLY.

Do your part: “Say No to Wildlife products. See LIFE in all beings”

I am so touched when I saw this photo in the book ” Virtues in the heart.” at Belum Rainforest Resort.

Mother love for all……My gratitude to the anonymous photographer.

Mother love for all……My gratitude to the anonymous photographer.

How meaningful! If we can practice mother love for all beings…

What a wonderful world! Let’s work together, we can make this possible.

Be loving kindness to all beings!

Think about it!

 “Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child.” by Buddha





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