Elephant Salt licks

Elephant salt licks, an animal clinic for them to heal themselves and to give them sufficient minerals needed by body.. amazing!

Elephant salt licks, an animal clinic for them to heal themselves and provide minerals needed by their body.. Amazing!

I’ve explored the elephant salt lick during Temenggor Walk.

Salt lick is a natural mineral deposit which provide mineral nutrients to elephant and other beings in forest.  In an ecosystem, salt licks often occur naturally, it providing the mineral like sodium, iron, calcium , phosphorus, zinc and calcium to the animals.

Animals can sense the salt licks by themselves, they know how to get mineral in order to stay healthy. According to my young guide, he shared with  me that “It’s just like an animal clinic to them. When the animals are sick, they know how to heal themselves.”

See, how intelligence is our animal friends.

They know the best what their body need…. How about us?

Elephant dung

We didn’t meet any elephant friends, but we saw plenty of elephant dung…

Do you believe in body healing system?

Do you believe that your body can recover by itself naturally?

Eat well, sleep well, rest well,  do exercise, be silence and meditate with a strong and still mind, all this are the recipe for good health…

When you are relaxing your body, you are actually allow the energy flow well in your body, no blockage, your body can do healing by itself. As such, do practice Ta-chi or yoga, don’t wait until your body is sick.

Besides, a lot of people who are sick become better once they are practising meditation as the body in relaxation and the mind in stillness, the body can start the healing process.

“Your body has natural healing capacities that nobody in the field of medicine can pretend ultimately to understand.  If you break a bone it will heal itself.  All the doctor does is make sure the pieces of the bone are properly set back together.”

by Wayne Dyer




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