Be with yourself! May you be well and happy!

Be with yourself! May you be well and happy!

Can you spend time with yourself?

Can you spend time to enjoy good lunch with yourself?

Can you go for a walk with yourself?

Think about it….

Are you busy to fill up your schedule with full appointment?

Do you need to be accompanied in every moment of life?

Are you too busy for your appointment or gathering?

Have you asked why you are keep yourself busy?

for happiness? fear of loneliness?

Whenever I am too busy with my working life, I’ll spend some quiet time with myself, to be totally relax and relief.

What a joyful moment to take a break to enjoy the great lunch or dinner alone!

What a relaxing moment when we go for a body massage!

You can feel the total peace in mind and relaxation in body.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

by Buddha


8 responses to “You…

  1. Sadly for many being alone is like standing next to a crocodile, they prefer the company of a television or a state of being busy than dare be alone with self.

  2. I personally enjoy spending sometime with myself… to think… reflect on the happenings…to decide… to plan… It gives me great pleasure. But i find most can’t stand loneliness even for a few minutes. Wonder what must be going on their minds… do they felt left out/abandoned?… or are they scared to face mundane life situations alone? … or can be they have nothing to think and just want to keep themselves & their brains busy…
    Good concept presented. Like it!

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