Animal friends…

Are you hungry? It's a Organic Vegetarian Fried Rice. You can live a beautiful life without harming our animal friends!

Are you hungry? It’s an Organic Vegetarian Fried Rice, cooked by my lovely mother. You can live well without harming our animal friends!

During our daily conversation with others, we can do our part to share on meat free diet, not using leather products, no animal testing, no shark fin…..

Whenever, I’ve a chance and the audience is ready, I’ll share on how much suffering that animals need to go through due to our desire.

Normally, half way of my verbal sharing, people already saying, “Please stop it, it’s unbearable!”

Whenever, I want to borrow them the DVD on ” how suffering are animals?”

The chances people want to pick up the DVD is so slim.

Its mean that most of us understood the suffering from our animal friends but we just can’t control our desire…

Whenever, people talk about nice meat cuisine, they are just focus on their own desire, own happiness and to satisfy their senses. They called this as “Enjoyment in life”

People just can’t imagine what type of “Hell” that we are creating for our animal friends.

e.g. How is the killing process of chicken? How is the living environment in a farm?

Whenever, people talk about fashionable leather handbag, leather jacket, they can’t imagine how is the killing process or they might totally forgot that there is life in animals.

They just focus on the praise, compliment from others on their “new fashion”, “great fashion taste”, “modern”….

Imagine how painful when you cut your finger, how painful when you get burn from fire, how painful when you get hot water burn…. put yourself in the animal shoes.

Sit quietly and contemplate the total killing process, the fear, the pain, the tension, the stress, the suffering, the separation with family, the anger…….

“All tremble at violence, all fear death.

Comparing oneself with others do not harm, do not kill.

All are frightened of being hurt or any threat to one’s life. To all life is dear.

Seeing that others feel the same way as oneself, equating others to oneself, refrain from harming or killing.”

By Buddha, Dhammapada

Let’s spend your precious time to think about it…

May all beings be well and happy! May you bring happiness to our animal friends!


15 responses to “Animal friends…

  1. I agree! Most people are too self centered to care about the suffering of our animal brothers and sisters. I recently went vegan, and noticed that most people respond to this life choice with a lot of negativity.

  2. Animal-friendly food today: mushroom risotto with (sorry, I’m not vegan) goat’s cheese. Dinner: pasta (no meat). The one thing I am most sorry about is my allergies to most nuts, and to a lot of fruit from the moderate climate zone (which is where I live). It makes changing my eating habits a challenge. I’m hoping our son will not have allergies when he grows up.

  3. What beautiful food your mother creates.
    Please remember that people are generally are attracted to foods which harmonize with their own vibration. Those who have a need to eat meat, have a lower vibration. Plant foods can never satisfy their hunger entirely. It is only as we progress, and our vibration increases that we absorb more and more of our energy directly from light, and have less need for physical foods. That is why in Tibet many are able to live quite well on such a meager diet- Tsampa, a few vegetables, butter, and tea. They are well fed because their bodies don’t require such gross physical food. One can not force another along the path. We must allow our fellow travelers to progress at their own pace, and try to to judge, knowing we have already traveled that portion of the past ourselves at some point in time. Peace be with you, and with all creatures, WG

  4. Curious, i think you have many more conversations about this topic than i do.

    What framing works best for you– “you should”, or
    “i would like to share what is important for me.”
    or “Curious how you resolve your ethics/diet/and all? ort
    ???? i wrestle with all of these, though i’ve mostly lost “you should” unless i am talking w people about preparing food together.
    i understand that your core is around treating animals w respect and love; from an environmental perspective (different) most any reduction, in meat-eating is a gain for gaia and carbon load.
    do you talk about meatless mondays or no meat before dinner? as options?
    looking for help on how to talk

    • You should, I should…. We should do it together…Contemplate about animals are our family members or friends, do you still kill or eat them? May you be well and happy! Cheers!

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