Look at the flower, it's so beautiful at this moment…How about next moment? Separation from branches…It's similar to our life...

Look at the flower, it’s so beautiful at this moment…How about next moment? Separation from branches…It’s similar to our life…

How do you feel when your children leaving you for further study in overseas?

How do you feel when your family members are working abroad?

How do you feel whenever there is any separation in life?

Are you sad?

Are you sorrow?

Are you demoralized?

Are you depress?

Are you worry?

Are you in fear?

How do you handle your emotion?

One of my friend, a Buddhist practitioner, shared with me that ” Some of her friend said she was so “cold” as she was not crying when her children going overseas for study and working.”

Should we cry when we are facing separation?

Once you understand that birth comes with death, reunion comes with separation, young comes with aging….Nothing is permanent.

It’s a fact of  life!

As you are awaken, you understand that this is the truth of life… Nobody can change it and nobody can escape from it.

Accept it! You’ll feel liberation in life…

You can smile and wish all the best to your family members when they are leaving abroad instead of crying and sad…

When your family members looking at your smile, happiness is contagious!

Give positive energy instead of negative!

Be ready! Separation might happen in any moment of life!

“There is no fire like passion
No crime like hatred,
No sorrow like separation,
No sickness like hunger,
And no joy like the joy of freedom.”

by Buddha


9 responses to “Separation…

  1. I just came home after I visited my family overseas. Luckily, these days it is so much easier to stay in touch and travel back and forth. It is still hard to say goodbye though. If something would happen it would take a day to get there.

  2. I believe separation is an illusion…most illusions feel bad…the truth fills our hearts and a smile on our face…my daughter went abroad to England to study… I feel as connected to her now as I do when she is home.

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