May your good speech like the fragrance of flowers, bring happiness and joy to others.

May your good speech like the fragrance of flowers, bring happiness and joy to others.

Recently, when people asking me

” Do you know what is happening to your friend?”

“Do you know this is actually happen surrounding you….”

A lot of times, my answer is “no, I don’t know.”

Normally, I don’t ask about people’s personal life and most important, ” I do my best to practice no gossip”

I try my best not to talk about other’s people in any conversation except if the people need help or support or the good deeds from others which we hope more people to follow…

If not, there is meaningless to gossip on others personal behavior.

Let’s contemplate about….

The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.

By Buddha

We use our mouth to deliver good speech which can motivate others and bring positive energy.

If not, just remain silence.

Besides, whenever there is any gathering, a lot of times people are talking about “the past”.

Think about it, what is the benefit of talking about the past?

Why not talk about now? What can we do for now?

How can we improve our life instead of talking about the past?

What can we do about the past?


Next time, if anybody start to talk about the past, be the one who bring the topic to “NOW”.



8 responses to “speech…

  1. Reblogged this on Jejak Langkah… and commented:
    Masa lalu…
    kita sering terperangkap dalam masa lalu dan berputar-putar saja di sana. Apakah kita lebih baik dengan melakukannya?
    Dan juga… apakah kata-kata yang kita utarakan sudah sepantasnya?
    Dalam tulisan LiJiun kali ini tertulis, daripada membicarakan yang tak berguna, ada baiknya kita berdiam diri saja.
    Bagaimana menurut kalian?

  2. Thank you! So very true, especially in gathering of extended family. The trick is to change the topic of conversation with kindness- Such a lovely Canna lily growing in your garden 😉

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