Do you love plant?

Do you love to observe the growing process of plant?

It’s a great way to explore life.

Have you ever figure out what is their food?

It’s so simple, only water, compost, good soil, good air and sunlight…

The plant never ask for more, just give them whatever they need to survive well.

I love to spend time to talk to plant, chant mantra and also spend time to observe their growing process.

They are our great teacher too! They shared with us on how to live life…

I felt peacefulness, calm and joy when I am with nature.

You can be totally let go your stress, tension and worry… You are FREE!

Our family took care a  few plant which being abandoned.

Normally, I’ll bring home and take great care of them, watering, provide organic soil, great compost, good sunlight and good air.

Gradually, I can see how beautiful is the plant after sometimes…

Look at this plant, it's so alive and green….

Look at this abandon plant, it’s so alive and green….It was with us for more than 2 years.

The happiest new is its blossom soon….

The flower is coming up soon...

The flower is coming up soon…

Imagine, if we give up half way, there is impossible to see any flowers.

It reminded us to continue to help others, selflessly, one day, we can also see the life of the person blossom like flower.

This is the happiest moment in life!

We are more than happy to see the great success in others.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”
by Booker T. Washington


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