Amazing team work from Red Ants…

This morning, sis was playing with Little White, our lovely cat in garden.

Suddenly, Little white stopped & continue stared at the ground next to where my sister stood.

He was so alert. My sis discovered a big group of red ants in a long line, they were busy carrying their food home.

Thanks to Little White, he is so caring, he might worry that my sis might step on the ants and accidentally kill them or the ants might bite my sister.

Animals are man’s best friends!

Their senses are sharper than us. Once you notice any behavior changes from them, be observant!

They might save your life!

To our surprise, look at what they were actually moving…

A prawn...

A prawn shelf…We just wonder where they got a prawn shelf. They might move it from far away. There are no rubbish at the backyard…

This group of ants are meat-eater.

Our family is amazed on how powerful is their team work. Even though, the red ants size are small but they are working in a team to move the “gigantic” prawn shelf to their home as their food.

My dad said “Let’s practice our compassion, to help them to carry the prawn shelf near to their home, to shorten the distance and reduce their burden.”

How kind is my lovely father!

Once I wanted to help them to move the prawn shelf, they put their full strength to protect their food for their family.

It’s so similar to us, we are also working hard to support our family.

Without injured any of the red ants, I helped them to shorten their journey.

How organized are they!

How organized are they! How determine are they!

Look at this photo…

Look at this photo…Without a team work, there is impossible to bring the food home…

When I contemplate about this amazing incident, it reminded us:

We need to work as a great team to protect our ailing mother of earth, this is everybody responsibility.

“Our planet, Our responsibility.”

We can’t give any more lame excuses as:

” What is the difference if I am not doing….”

” If I am practicing and others not, what is the difference?”

” what can I change?”

It’s time for us to awaken, as a team we can make changes, for a better tomorrow!

Look at the little red ants, they worked in a team, they can move the “gigantic prawn”.

We can make a difference.

Let’s do it and live by example from ourselves!

Then, inspired others to do the same…

Leave behind a better world for all beings!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
by Helen Keller

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