Smile with Silence…

Smile with silence… So peaceful & Calm!

Smile with silence…Be a good listener! Let’s our heat be peace & calm, then only we can spread peace and calm to surrounding.

Sometimes, people might approach you to give solution or advise to their problem.

I am sure you will do your best to listen to their problem and you might also give advise.

Do you ever notice that they might not pay attention to your answer?

Perhaps sometime when your answer is similar to whatever in their mind, they might agreed with you, if not, they are not listening.

Whatever you say, will not make any difference in their mind.

What they want is a ” Good Listener” who can keep silence and agreed with their ideas.

How should you react in this type situation?

Today, I read a wisdom post by His Holiness Sri-Sri Ravi Shanker, the golden rule is “Smile with silence” when we face all these circumstances.

Be a good listener!

Give advise or solution whenever their mind is ready to accept.

Otherwise, apply the golden rule, smile with silence!

So profound teaching!



11 responses to “Smile with Silence…

  1. Yes….being a good listener has always been my role in life. I have always had many “friends” who just talk and talk. They are never interested in what I say. They are trying to talk out their problems. I have been aware of this for a long time. Thanks.

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