Best gift!

How do you perceived gifts you received from others?

Do you make any judgement?

Do you judge based on its value?

Do you judge based on your preferences?

Every gift is so unique, we should be gratitude to people kind thought and good virtue instead of looking at the gift’s value or whether is it your favorite gifts.

I received a very thoughtful gift from my lovely sisters (colleagues) who are going to leave the company soon in order to pursuit their dream.

Look beyond the  beautiful plant, their kindness, love, caring, gratitude….

Look beyond the beautiful gift (plant), their kindness, love, caring, gratitude….

I am truly happy when I see the growth of kindness and good virtues in my lovely sisters.

Their kind virtues are like the blossom of flower and they are spreading the kindness to people surrounding.

How awesome!

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

By Dalai Lama

Be grateful whenever you receive any gifts. Always look beyond the gifts!

May you be the person who are always giving your best gifts, the smiles, kindness, love, compassion, good virtues, care… to others!











5 responses to “Best gift!

    • Happy day, bro. Normally, I’ll accept the gift with a gratitude heart, then I’ll give something meaningful to the people.Have a great day! Cheers!

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