Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Have you ever tasted moon cake?

The traditional flavor is lotus paste, red bean, mixed nuts come with or without egg yolk.

How do you make a decision when you make a purchase?

Do you judge by wrapping, design of boxes or the quality of moon cake?

Recently, based on my observation, the packaging for moon cake are so beautiful.

The merchants are competing to come out with more advance, more attractive and beautiful packaging.

Their main focus on packaging and secondary on the food quality.

Think about it, how can this be happened?

It all depend on us, consumer, we are focus on “packaging.”

Once we see the nice packaging, we are being attracted and most of us, make a purchase based on the packaging.

Is it necessary?

Are you make use of the moon cake boxes? or you just keep it as decorative items?

Later, you’ll put them in recycle bin.

Ask yourself what do you want?

Enjoy good quality of moon cake or to own a beautiful boxes?

I am gratitude that one of my friend gave me the authentic home-made Shanghai Moon Cake.

A thoughtful gift from my lovely friend, the home made Shanghai Moon Cake...

A thoughtful gift from my lovely friend, the home-made Shanghai Moon Cake…

Look at the color of lotus paste, we can taste the lotus seed flavor!

Look at the color of lotus paste, we can taste the original lotus seed flavor!

Even though, without the beautiful packaging, this is the superb nice moon cake I had ever taste in this Mid Autumn Festival. I seldom take moon cake as too sweet, its acidic food to our body.

Think about the natural resources which you can save if we can let go the beautiful boxes and back to basic.

How many tree we are able to save?

What we need is the best food quality!

Remember as a consumer, we can make a difference! The choice is in our hand!

Let’s work together for a less packaging society, so we can save more resources for our next generation!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


22 responses to “Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

  1. Looks and sounds delicious. Amazing you are in mid autumn and here in Cape Town at the end of Spring we are still in mid Winter, expecting snow on the mountains tonight.

  2. I think your moon cake example highlights a major problem of humanity whose attention is captured by the packaging rather than by content. Packaging is a visual sensory activity, whilst content is invisible thus less likely to catch the attention of the individual.

  3. Happy belated mid autumn Lijiun! Good message here. My family tends to keep the metal boxes and store all sorts of things with them, but the paper ones normally go to the recycle bin after we admire the designs. But I suppose it is best to buy separate ones that don’t come in boxes. 🙂
    Hope you had a great Mid Autumn with your loved ones.

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