Love nature?

Look at our lovely Little White, he love nature too… he is enjoying his happiest moment in nature…

Look at our lovely Little White, he love nature too… he is enjoying his happiest moment in nature…

Are you living harmony with nature?

Are you doing your best to love and protect the nature?

You can do a quick check whether you pay attention to nature….

Do you bring handkerchief or tissue paper?

Do you use disposable utensils?

Do you bring eco bag or plastic bag?

Do you bring your container for take away food?

Do you use compost or chemical fertilizer for your garden?

Do you buy stuffs based on your need or your want?

Do you check the ingredients which are possible to harm environment before you make any purchase?

Do you practice refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, repair in your daily life?

Do you take a nature walk?

Do you love and appreciate flower, tree, plant and insects?

Do you water your plant or tree regularly?

Do you use insect spray at home?

Do you use energy-saving electric appliances?

Do you practice to save water and electricity consumption at home?

Are you switch off the light once you are out?

Are you switch off the water tap while you are brushing your teeth?

Are you support organic products?


A simple change in our daily action can prolong the lifespan of natural resources.

Always remember that we are part of the nature, when nature gone, WE ARE GONE too!

Diligently practice to reduce your “Greedy”, “Anger”, “Ignorance”, “Doubt”, “ego” and to cultivate your love, compassion to all beings.

You can take a quiet moment to contemplate the below:

A human being is an animal, a part of nature. But we single ourselves out from the rest of nature.

We classify other animals and living beings as nature, as if we ourselves are not part of it.

Then we pose the question, “How should I deal with Nature?” We should deal with nature the way we deal with ourselves. . . ! Harming nature is harming ourselves, and vice versa.

A truly great person is not one who succeeds in worldly matters, but one who “hurts not any living being”

by Buddha, Dhammapada 74


6 responses to “Love nature?

  1. So beautifully expressed, thank you… and such a hard standard for most of us, though most wise. So true that we are one with nature, and harming any part of the web directly affects each of us. What a happy and contented cat 😉

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