Learn to live with yourself…

Learn to live with yourself! No matter good day, sunny day, raining day….

Learn to live with yourself! No matter good day, sunny day, raining day….

How do you plan your schedule especially during off day?

Do you pack yourself with full schedule?

Are you busy to call all your friends to fill in your schedule?

What do you do once you open your eyes during off day?

Are you in hurry for your plan program?

Are you start to rush for breakfast gathering, lunch gathering, movie, karaoke, dinner gathering, tea time, shopping, sport, computer games, salon, facial, massage or???

Have you ever check why do you need to make yourself fully occupied?

To satisfy your senses? To be accompanied?

Why can’t you allocate sometime for yourself  and to be in silence?

Can you live alone, in peace and calm?

Imagine if you can’t stand alone with yourself, how about others?

Can they feel comfortable, peace and calm with you?

Do spend time to look inward instead of outward, if we keep pursuit to external stuffs, you’ll never enjoy the calm and peace of mind.

Besides, one of the good point to contemplate, “Who is going to face the moment of death?”

Do you think your family members, your wealth, your body, your fame, your beauty, your cash or?

“Nobody, except you, yourself!”

Learn to live with yourself, you can understand yourself better and you can understand the purpose of life.

You, Yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

By Buddha




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