Rural area…

Sometimes, I heard people saying

“How suffering is the people living in rural area?”

“How poor are they?

“They are lacking of all material necessities in life, no water & electricity supply, No TV, No internet, No car, No beautiful house, No luxury fashion….They can’t enjoy good life!”

“What a miserable life?”

Do you’ve the similar perception?

I heard a story about a rich daddy, he wanted his son to experience poor lifestyle in rural area.

He arranged home stay for his son, about a week.

After returning to the city, he asked his son, “How do you find? Can you feel the poverty of the rural people? Is it miserable?”

His son replied: “ No, I felt our life is miserable, we are poorer than villagers.”

His father asked: “Why?”

His Son revert:

“ The rural people enjoy fresh and cool air, we enjoyed “air cond”,

The rural people enjoy the freedom of looking at the stars in sky, we are watching TV,

They are happily playing games with each other’s and we are busy to play computer games,

They are having family dinner together but in the name of “Busy”, how often we get together for dinner?

They are close with their neighbor like family members, how about us? Do you know your neighbor well?

They are having a simple meal, fresh fruits and vegetables from nature, how about us? Processed food and meat from farm? Is it healthy?

The air and water quality is great in rural area, how about us? Full of pollution, is it healthy?”

They are chatting with each others, face to face, How about us? We love to play smart phones, text to each others..

His father was speechless, his son is able to see and value things beyond material stuffs.

There are no price tag for “happiness”, “fresh air”, “Cool air”, “Joy”, ”love”, “peace”….

However, all this are important “treasures”  in life, no matter how rich you are, if you lack of all this “treasures”, your life is not complete!

Contemplate about it!

I had a deep realization once I visited rural area during my recent visit.

I got to know new friends, “Sunday” and “Hendrick”.

Sunday and Hendrick (the lovely horse) We bought Hendrick's favorite fruit, apples for appreciation of his ride.

Sunday and Hendrick (the lovely horse) We bought Hendrick’s favorite fruit, apples for appreciation of his ride.

“Sunday” is so simple and friendly, he is always smiling, he knew majority of the villagers, they greet each others.

I can feel the warmth, love and most important it’s genuine.

Throughout the ride, I can see all genuine smiling and friendly faces, villagers had a simple life, they are relaxing in their garden, Children are playing with each others, they enjoy the nature, they are so happy even though live in a simple life!

What a simple life!

What a simple life!

“Be contended with what you have, do you keep pursuit what you want, you’ll be the happiest person. Liberate yourself!


5 responses to “Rural area…

  1. I’ve read about the story… and that’s just made me realized that I have things to be grateful more of this life. Thank you.

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