peace of mind…

Sometimes, we might be too busy with our work, our family, our hobby, our entertainment or….until we are always delay in our action.

e.g. To renew driving license, to call your parent, to have dinner with your children, to settle income tax, to pay bills, to bring your pet to visit Vet, to pay a visit to your relatives in hospital, to accompany your children to school, to send your car for service, to repair broken door, donation…..

We might say, “we’ll settle later, too busy now….”, “When I am free, I’ll do it…..”

Some of our procrastination in action, will make us regret in life and might also bring harm to others.

Peace of mind, the most valuable gift….Treasure it!

Peace of mind, the most valuable gift….Treasure it!

From my experience, Little White, our lovely cat is losing appetite lately.

We are concern, however Sis & I also need to go to work.

So, We are considering that whether we should bring him to see Veterinarian and apply off day or we can wait until weekends.

After our deep consideration, we must give priority to Little White as we don’t want to be regret later in our whole life as we delay our action.

There is also no point that we keep worry and our mind keep create “story” on how worst it can be…

No peace of mind at all.

We are blessed that he was fine after the examination from the Veterinarian.

He is healthy and only mild stomach discomfort.

What a relieve news! We don’t need to carry the burden in guessing and our mind continue to create story.

Give priority, do it whenever you’ve a chance, Meaningless to be regret later!

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

By Dalai Lama







14 responses to “peace of mind…

  1. I’m happy to hear little white is fine. That you put his pain and suffering ahead of all the other calls upon your time, shows you have learned and demonstrate what is truly important in our lives, the wellness of all beings we share this world with.

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