playing time…


Happy hour… Playing time with Little White…

It’s a happy moment to pay attention and observe animal’s behavior, you’ll notice how similar their character with us.

They are playful, full of joy, loyal, honest, loving, caring, happy, grateful,…..

When you’ve a pet, even though both of you using different language, amazingly your pet can understand you well.

Have you ever see a mother cat or dog, how she protect her children?

Have you spend your time to play with your pet?

We love to spend playing time with Little white, our lovely cat. We celebrated our happy times together.

You can notice that your worry, stress, tension will immediately disappear once you are playing with your pet.

The transformation of  your mood from negative to positive.

Beside, you’ll learn to be more patience and compassion when you are taking care of your pet.

From my experience, whenever Sis & I go for vacation for a few days, once we are home, he’ll be extremely happy to welcome us and he’ll start to ask us to play various games with him….e.g. Hide & seek, Playing ball, running up & down….

His behavior just like a little kid. So cute and loving!

You love your lovely pet, right?

Imagine, if you can apply the same love, care, compassion to other beings, you’ll never harm them, moreover you’ll protect them, I am very sure you are not going to kill and EAT them.

“life is as dear to a mute creature as it is a man.

Just as one wants happiness and fears pain,

Just as one want to live and not die,

So do other creatures.”

By Dalai Lama

Contemplate about it ….

What is the difference between your pet and other animals?

Belong to you?


“Your” pet vs “other” animals?

Am I causing suffering and pain to other beings?

Be mindfulness and full awareness on your action before you implement.

“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”
by Paul McCartney



4 responses to “playing time…

  1. Animals in the present moment encourages me, you, everyone in play to be like them, attentive to the present.

  2. Awww how sweet. My cat always brings me back to the present moment and reminds me to be playful. She teaches mo so much. Lisa 🙂

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