Don't be disturbed by the surrounding, transform negativity to positive.  Learn from the White lotus flower!

Don’t be disturbed by the surrounding, transform negativity to positive. Learn from the White lotus flower! Don’t blame yourself when you are unable to give advise to other’s to transform. Be patient, wait for the right timing, when people are ready to listen. Just share with them that “I am here for you when you need me…”

A lot of people, they are aware that

Junk food is no good for health but they’ll be keep eating…

Sweet stuffs are no good for health too but they also keep buying and eating …

Fried food & Fast food are definitely a “no no” to our diet but we just love it…

Over consume of meat will bring disaster to our health, some of us are totally ignore this fact, we assume this is the best way to enjoy our life…..

In separated with your mobile gadget, will bring bad influence to your body & mind…

Over indulge yourself with material stuffs, will never bring peacefulness to your mind…

Keep follow and satisfied your senses, you’ll never enjoy calm and cool mind…

Frequently condemn and gossip to others, you’ll never get positive energy.


Sometimes, as an observer, we do notice that all this issues happen around us..…

We might also experience some of the negative impact, as such we hope others not to repeat the same error as we did…

We know what are the consequences if people continue this lifestyle.

With full of compassion, We give advice to those people who are willing to listen and make changes in life.

For those people, who are not willing to listen and also defensive, they can’t open their heart and listen to what we are saying.

The more we are saying, the more they get angry.

I am always thinking, how wonderful if we can be awake instead of we need to go through suffering and painful experience, then only we are awakening!

It’s better to be silence and talk to them when time is right.


Just live by example, walk the path, don’t be discouraged by people surrounding even though they are practicing bad habits.

Do not carry other’s burden on your shoulder, this is not necessary and also not helpful.

Be calm, cool and relax, continue to walk the path with strong determination.

Help others whenever they are ready to listen.

One of the profound teaching from Ajahn Brahm, “My door is alway open for you….”

Be silence and wait for the right timing to give advise.



4 responses to “Advise…

    • Yup, most of us need to go through a bad experience, then only we are willing to make changes in life. It’s better to be awakening now. Cheers!

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