Look at the broken branches…. It's just like our bad habits, take action and transform yourself. Do not give excuses or continue procrastination...

Look at the broken branches…. It’s just like our bad habits, take action and transform yourself immediately. Do not give excuses or continue procrastination. Do it!

We might have some bad habits in life.

e.g. snacking, biting finger, gossip, overspending, hot-tempered, taking too much fast food,  drinking too much alcohol, smoking, drinking too many cups of coffee, over using pain-killer, taking drugs, always late, addicted to smart phones, non stop playing computer games, wake up late in noon, lying, Fast eating…..

It’s lucky if we are aware on our bad habits.

Once we are aware, we’ve the golden opportunities to rectify it, it’s all depend on whether you want to take action or you continue to give excuses to procrastination.

It’s better to take immediately action to change your bad habits with strong determination.

Imagine the positive impact you can give to yourself and others when you are able to change your bad habits.

Once you realize about the benefits, it’ll strengthen your determination to change your bad habits.

For my case, I love coffee, Normally I’ll take 2-3 cups coffee per day. However, coffee will form acidic  in our body. It’s not so healthy if over consume.

We can sustain our great health when our body is in alkaline condition.

Our Health, Our responsibility.

So, I decided to cut down to only 1 cup of coffee a day.

With strong determination, I succeeded to reduce to only 1 cup per day.

It’s all depend on your will power, if you want a change, you can make it possible.

Do it, don’t wait.

Make a difference in your life and also give positive impact to surrounding!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

By Mahatma Gandhi






14 responses to “habits…

  1. So timely and spot on. I’m reading “The power of Habit” and it’s eye-opening. Just like your post!

  2. I think if the individual starts with good habits then they have a positive advantage in life. Bad habits are hard to break.

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  5. Thank you for a great post, it gave me much needed inspiration to write my own post about the excuses we make to avoid making habits 🙂

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