Self purification

Unwrap the plastic and taste it instead of look at it!

Unwrap the plastic and taste it instead of look at it!

Do you love to eat candy lollipop?

How do you eat the candy lollipop?

You need to unwrap the plastic cover, then only you can enjoy the taste.

Imagine, if you continue listening to Dhamma, learning about Dhamma, yet you are not ready to practice Dhamma in your daily life.

You  might said, “The Dhamma is so good but why am I still in anger, jealousy, frustration, stress? Why can’t I feel liberation, peace and calm?”

This is similar to the plastic wrapper on candy lollipop, if you not going to purify

 Your body

  • No killing
  • No stealing
  • No improper sexual activity.

Your Speech

  • No lying
  • No slandering
  • No harsh words
  • No gossip

Your mind

  • No coveting
  • No aversion
  • No incorrect views.

How can you attain your liberation, peace and harmony?

It’s same as a person keep on learning swimming from text-book but never go for swimming pool to practice. Do you think he or she can swim?

Be diligent in the path, remember to practice and walk the path by yourself.

You’ll discover the difference, a “NEW” you, past vs now.

May you continue your self purification to bring benefit to all beings!

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