Liberation in mind…

When you are in stress and your life is being troubled by too much burden.

It’s hardly for you to appreciate life and even harder for you to smile as your body and mind energy will only focus on the burden.

You might totally ignore the beautiful stuff which is surrounding you…

Keep your mind free from stress and burden.

You can notice how creative and innovative your mind can be, how easy you can laugh from your heart.

How cute is the little mushroom, it look like

How cute is this little mushroom, it’s look like pie crush mushroom soup. Right?

If your mind is too busy, you might miss this cute little mushroom.

What is in your mind?

It reminded me that it looked like the Pie Crush Mushroom Soup.

How about you?

It’s beautiful!

A little cute discovery in life will make you happy.

Besides, when you are too stressed, your mind will never be calm & cool, you might get irritation or anger very fast.

Recently, I went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, normally I’ll order whatever food that I am familiar.

I decided to try something new, I can’t understand the name of the food, so I asked the waitress to explain.

She mentioned that, 2 pieces of roti canai (Indian-influenced flatbread), mixed vegetables and Dhall curry.

It sound great! So, I ordered.

When the food was served, I were a bit shock  as I don’t see any “Roti canai”, only a bowl of mixed vegetables and dhall curry.

I called the waitress to double confirm whether it was the right order.

It was right!

I remain silent, stayed calm, look at the food and taste it instead of asking the waitress, “Where is my roti canai?”

I discovered that it was stir fried roti canai (cut to small pieces) with mixed vegetables.

Fried Roti Canai with mixed vegetables…. It's great to remain cool to experience New stuff in life..

Stir Fried Roti Canai with mixed vegetables…. It’s great to remain cool to experience New stuff in life..

Something NEW!

I am so glad that I kept my calm and peace of mind.

Imagine, if I am in stress and tension, I might question the waitress, even worst I might scold the waitress.

How importance to keep our practice, be cool and calm, whenever and wherever we are.

Liberate yourself! Be Happy!

And once we have the condition of peace and joy in us, we can afford to be in any situation. Even in the situation of hell, we will be able to contribute our peace and serenity. The most important thing is for each of us to have some freedom in our hearts.

By Thich Nhat Hanh

6 responses to “Liberation in mind…

  1. Put the Soup aside the rest of this Principle is my Daily challenge!
    More often than note i wish for my life to end but as soon as i open my eyes in the morning -have i managed to keep them closed at any length of time during the night- i start fighting anew to create the space
    for freedom of mind, to appreciate the silver lining where it might be hiding in my day or life and appreciate the abundant beauty of nature
    that surrounds me that i can only enjoy from inside my four walls…
    Somewhere in there my tormented Soul is silently wondering why
    and for how long will i have to go through all this ….

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