Walk the path with difference stages of friends…. May you be the spiritual friend of others!

When you are checking your contact list in your phone, do you realize that many of the people

you are not contact for so long,

you are not familiar,

or some you just can’t remember their faces?

Do you experience it?

There are many stages in life.

Each stage of life, you are going to meet difference group of people.

e.g. During your school times, your group of friends, might be same hobby or interest as you.

During your working day, your group of friends are different?

You might also not be so close with your school friend.

Whenever there is a gathering, you might even feel that the topic of discussion is so limited and you can’t mixed well with your previous group of “Best friends”?

You might feel that sometimes you’ve been left out from the group.

Have you ever wonder why?

Our life is keep changing and some of us are keep improving and continuously for self-development.

You might gradually change your interest, hobby and also your priority in life.

Imagine if your friends still remain the same pace with no self-development, you might not have the common interest anymore.

As such, don’t be surprised if you find that you are no longer “closed” with your friends.

Life is full of impermanence!

Experience difference stages of your life with meeting up new group of friends!

4 responses to “Friends…

  1. People collect friends like they some collect stamps, it is a good action to review all associations in life and remove that which is no longer relevant.

  2. I don’t always delete those contacts because sometimes those friends can return for a later part of your life journey. Sometimes we are close, then not so close and then close again, depending on our different stages of development.

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