See, How lovely is Little White.. He is learning from us on the lying down..

See, How lovely is Little White.. He is learning from us on the lying down..

Some of us might think that there is no emotion like Love, sadness, happiness in animals.

Is it true?

Just spend some time to observe our animal friends, you’ll discover how loving they can be..

If you’ve pet, just see how they welcome you home, e.g. A lovely dog.

The recent death of “Adik”, the little stray kitten adopted by Little White-our lovely cat, Little white was so sad.

When we brought back “Adik’s Dead Body” to bury in our garden.

We try our best to retain Little White at home.

He refused and he followed us to the garden, he was there during the whole ceremony.

According to my mum, Little White was so sad throughout the night, he was in silence.

He was avoiding to walk in front of our house as there is the place where he spent his happy moment with Adik.

A small little cat also know “what is Love?”

How about us?

The next morning, he pee at “Adik” cemetery, Mum said he  marked his territory and he didn’t want any other animals to disturb his lovely “Adik”. Perhaps!

Moreover, Mum heard about Little White “Crying (meow Sadly)” when he was sleeping, it might be he dream on “Adik”.

He missed him so much.

Yesterday, Little White spent his morning to walk through all the area where he spent his great moment of life with “Adik”.

We knew about it as he called “Adik” with a special “meow tone” which he did the same during his walk.

How amazing!

How intelligent and how lovely our animal friends…

Apply the same love you give to your pet, to all other animal friends?

What is the difference between “My” pet and other animals?

It’s only differentiation on “My”, “Me”, “Mine”, “I”….

Once you said “My”, “Me”, “Mine”, “I”, you’ll attach, cling on it and you want to “Own” it.

Once you are able to let go, you are able to treat all beings the same….

We really have to understand the person we want to love. If our love is only a will to possess, it is not love. If we only think of ourselves, if we know only our own needs and ignore the needs of the other person, we cannot love.

By Thich Nhat Hanh


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  1. Lovely post. I, too, firmly believe that the animals have their emotions of love, happiness, sadness, boredom, anxiety, etc. I currently have two dogs and five cats and I see their emotions every day.

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