Life is full of uncertainty…

We’ve rescued a stray female cat and admitted her to the Vet for treatment on 24th June 2013 as she was in critical condition.

I followed up closely on her progress, we were so happy to know that she was improving gradually. We’ve visited her every weekend to check on her condition. In order for her to get best recovery, she has been hospitalized.

According to the Vet, her nerve system damaged, it might caused by fallen down or hit by car accident or ??? , she can’t walk properly. She’ll fall down after a few step.

Moreover, she was naturally abortion due to the incident.

Veterinarian was so concern that there might be some fetus left inside her womb.

The best way was to neuter her, to reduce any life threatening risk.

She went through the operation on Monday. She did well. Unfortunately, about noon time today, Vet called and shared with me that she passed away.

Immediately, I ran to the Vet and took her little body home and buried. I did chanting for her…

“May she and the 3 dead fetus be relieved from suffering, not to reborn in 3 lower realm. May them attain enlightenment.”

Life is so fragile.

We did our best to save her life, even though she can’t make it, at least she was in good care in her last moment of life.

Initially, We are thinking to discharge her by this Saturday and get ready a cage as a new home for her as she can’t walk well.

Now, she was gone forever.

This incident taught us that we can plan well and it might not turn out as what we expect.

Accept all changes and expectation in life with calm and peace.

The best way for us to remain calm & peace is to be diligent in spiritual path, practice dhamma when we are facing crisis. How well can you manage and handle the situation!

You know whether  you are showing improvement or not.

Another point, it’s not easy to grow up, look at the fetus, they’ve no chance to be born…we need to go through a lot of challenges in life which we might neglect. Be grateful to others who help us directly and indirectly in our growing process. Without their help, you can’t be who you are today. Treasure your life and make good use of your life too, do good deeds which can benefit to others.

We visited her last week at the Vet, The great moment in life, "LOVE"...

We visited her last week at the Vet, The great moment in life, “LOVE”…

During our last visit, she showed her love and friendliness to us, I think she was aware that we save her life. Sis & I were so touch with her little move. Our little animal friends know about love and gratitude, how about us?

See life in all beings, remember that they are just like you & me, they want love, happiness, peace and they are fearful for pain, torturing, dying…

As such, Do your very best to save life and one of the best way is not to eat them, imagine the pain and fear our animal friends need to go through in the dying process.

We take their life to satisfy our sensual desire, our 2-3 inches of throat.

Ask yourself are you causing suffering to them?

Please love them and protect them!

This is her final rest place, next to  "Adik" in our garden. Thanks for celebrated your short stay with us and thanks for the precious lesson.

This is her final rest place, next to “Adik” in our garden. Thanks for celebrated your short stay with us and thanks for the precious lesson. May all beings be Well and Happy!






20 responses to “Life is full of uncertainty…

  1. I am very touched by this story, I share a similar passion for animals and it fills me with such sadness at the harm we cause then everyday. I like how you added may you not be born into the lower realms, I always ask my Buddhist teacher about animals, everyone might think I’m nuts in class but I just wish for a better future for all the lives we have taken so horribly.
    I’m sorry for your cat, she will be at peace now.

    • Hi! All beings have Buddha nature. We are practicing compassion. Please be mindful that our action not going to bring harm to other beings. May all being relieve from suffering, May all beings be Well and Happy!with metta

  2. I’m very sorry for your loss. Have peace in knowing that you gave her comfort and love in the time that she had with you. Sizi

  3. Very sad to hear this. That’s life………Sad story, but great you try to help her. If only there were more people like you…..

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