the truth in life…

May you seek the truth in life!

May you seek the truth in life! Courtesy from sis Li Yun

Do you watering your plant?

Are you using hose to watering your plant?

If you arrange your hose in proper manner, the water will flow smoothly, you can do a perfect gardening.

If there is a twist of hose, what will happen?

The water will not flow if the hose gets twisted itself, and the hose pipe will detach from a tap.

Then, the water will splash out.

This is a perfect scenario to explain about life…

Imagine if you put a lot of twist in your life, what’ll happen?

You are going to be stressed out, burst out, tension, and you are actually given yourself, “Negative energy”.

Who can release the twist?

Only you, yourself can release the twist.

Another point of view, when you look at the hose, you can further understand on the clogged arteries which caused stroke or heart attack or even death.

How does this can happen? It caused by the plaque on the inner wall of arteries which might caused by fat, cholesterol….

Remember the twist of hose to remind yourself to be mindful on eating, is the food you take, healthy or unhealthy? Benefit or non-benefit?

You are responsible for your health!

Be mindfulness, every little thing around us, can be our teacher and it help you to seek the truth in life.





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