How adorable is "Adik"? You enjoy the unconditional happiness once you offer your help to others.

How adorable is “Adik”? You enjoy the unconditional happiness once you offer your help to others. Take a try, make it a habit.

I love to spend time to observe “Adik”, the little Kitten adopted by our lovely cat, Little White.

“Adik” is so small in size, without a caring parent, no sibling, no friends…

Can you imagine if you are in such a condition?

How do you feel?

Fear, worry, stress, lonely, tension, sad, sorrow…????

If nobody help us, can we grow up based on our own ability?

There is no way…….Think about it!

Be grateful to others who are helping us directly or indirectly in our growing process.

Be filial piety to our parent, they’ve spent many sleepless to bring us up.

If Little White never bring “Adik” home, he might be in hunger and continue to be a stray kitten.

I remembered one of the discourse by Ajahn Brahm, he mentioned that once he think of the “Little Kitten, who is so helpless”, his whole heart will fill with “Metta” (loving kindness) …

So, Do your best to help the little animals, they are so helpless, give your loving kindness and offer your  help whenever is possible.

Do not harm and Do not kill them.

Be mindfulness on what you are eating.

Ask yourself whether are you causing suffering to other living beings?

“Adik” is so independence… We’ve trained him to have 3 meals a day, morning, afternoon and dinner.

Sometimes, he might be out from our house to have a walk, sleep… However, He’ll be back on time for his 3 meals.

A little kitten also can be disciplined. How about us?

We can also discipline ourselves, change our bad habit to good habit.

Nothing is permanence, it’s crucial whether you want to make a change in your life!

The choice is in your hand…

I am grateful to have little teachers to remind me to be diligently in spiritual path.




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